Terry Welsh
Jeremy Eccles

Nexus is a huge synthetic environment designed to make the user forget which way is "up." It is room after room of soaring gothic architecture and massive grinding machinery. The navigation scheme employed by Nexus allows users to run into walls only to be reoriented so that they find themselves walking on the walls. Pillars, ceilings, and moving machinery are also designed for walking on.

This project was completed in the summer of 2000, 3 years after it was begun. Textures were acquired primarily by photographing gothic cathedrals and editing the photographs with Photoshop. The modeling was done using Multigen II. Rendering the imagery for this project was accomplished using Performer and VR Juggler. Work on this project was performed at the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC).

Nexus was debuted in the C6 during IPT 2000. Here's the Nexus project page at VRAC.


Enjoy a flight through the Nexus. 10.4 MB mpeg.

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