Fun links:
Really Slick Screensavers. What did you think would be the first link on my links page? :) This is the site where I show off all my fun programming projects.
Casual Affair is a bodacious acoustic band composed of a couple friends of mine.
Dr. Bob's has the best ice cream on the planet.
I love puzzles.
Andrew Lipson's LEGO Page
The The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project will keep you busy for hours and hours.
NASA rules!
Fractals are awesome.
Stereograms are nice too.
The Smithsonian has plenty to see.
Le Louvre is killer too.
But if you happen to be in Paris, Le Musee d'Orsay is even cooler.
Everyone likes a good tornado.
Here's a neat soaring simulator. It's probably the best java applet that I've seen.

Useful links:
Okay, those are all really fun, so here's an insanely useful one: Measurement conversions.
And everyone should be familiar with the laws of physics.
Here's something to make us all feel very small: the solar system.

Hang gliding links:
San Francisco Bay wind patterns

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