Cuevadefuego, MultiGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 7.7 Mb. My accomplice Jeremy Eccles and I threw this model together for GMD in Germany, and then used it to make an interactive game of tag for a class project. The game is designed to be played by two people in separate cave-type interfaces.

Nexus, MultiGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 10.4 Mb. Jeremy and I struck again with another gigantic virtual world. There's no up or down in this world, only a lot of confusion.

The Pantheon, MultiGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 4.8 Mb. The subject of this animation is the Pantheon in Rome as it originally appeared around 125 A.D. Actually, records of the original design are limited, so I had to make educated guesses for some parts of the model.

The Active Learning Complex, MultiGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 9.9 Mb. This is an architectural walkthrough of a remodeling that was being planned for Coover Hall on the Iowa State University campus. The original room was modeled by Sarah Kabala, and then I used the architects' plans to place the cubicles and other furniture. The ALC is has since been built.

Microcosm, 3D Studio, 400 frames, size: 734,034 bytes. This was my first big project when I learned 3D Studio. It's supposed to be a 3D fractal pattern, although I always thought it looked a bit like brocolli.

Globe, 3D Studio, 120 frames, size: 256 Kb. After I'd had enough brocolli, it seemed like morphing the earth was something worth doing.

Virtual Campus, ModelGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 4.5 Mb. I used performer to render the frames. For the camera path I had to write a program that outputs positions and camera angles that follow a smooth curve.

Spheres, 3D Studio, 98 frames, size: 293 Kb. Of course I had to try making some gushy metal balls.

Chain Lattice, 3D Studio, 300 frames, size: 815 Kb. My friend Mucha got me on this lattice kick. That's when I dreamed up this interesting structure. Later on I wrote a screensaver with the same structure called Lattice. It can be found at

Tetrahedron Lattice, 3D Studio, 400 frames, size: 1.2 Mb. This animation was just fun because it was a little trickier to build a tetrahedral lattice than a cubic one.

The Chasm, ModelGen, Photoshop, and Performer, 6.7 Mb. This is what I came up with the first time I decided that the lab in which I worked needed a cool VR demo.

If you want to see some higher quality imagery that doesn't move, check out my page full of drawings and paintings and stuff.

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